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Motorcycles, Modern, and Marketing

But if you can’t say what Quality is, how do you know what it is, or how do you know that it even exists?

- Robert Pirsig - Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

How do you define “quality”? Whatever the definition, it is probably shorter than Robert Pirsig’s 1974 novel in which he tried to articulate the “metaphysics of quality”. That’s deep thinking, and I’d rather discuss what you can do to produce “quality” application documents (resume, cover letter, etc).

For the modern job applicant, both the game and the rules have changed. While traditional, black & white versions of resumes are still acceptable, additional options are now available to the job applicant. Central to the “modern” resume concept is that the document isn’t merely a resume, but instead a marketing document, as it explains the benefits of the product you are offering (YOU!).

I invite you to listen to Episode 2 of Consultant Conversations, where Todd Smith, Keith Soriano, Mike Mueller, and I discuss the things that we believe make “quality” application documents. You can find it on your favorite podcast platforms:

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We'd also welcome the opportunity to have you submit topics for the four of us to bounce around over a good cup of coffee. I can't wait to hear what you have in mind.

Searching for quality,

Jason Boaz, PGA, ARWC

PGA Career Consultant

Serving the Iowa, Minnesota, Southwest, Sun Country and Wisconsin Sections of the PGA of America

PGA Certified Golf Professional

Advanced Resume Writing Certification


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