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Creator, Critic, & Crusader

“You say you want a revolution Well, you know We all want to change the world”

- The Beatles, Revolution

Written by John Lennon and released as the B-side to Hey Jude in 1968, the lyrics to Revolution were inspired by political protests, expressing sympathy with the need for change while simultaneously doubting some of the tactics employed by the protesters. Forever culturally relevant, the song was used in a controversial and ground breaking Nike ad almost 20 years later and now again as the inspiration for this post…51 years after its release.

The desire for change has universal appeal, as many people see “change” as the pathway to a better job, improved relationships, or a happier life (among other things). In fact, the desire for something different is the basis for so much of the work I do, and yet, so many want to change without a mission, vision, or a destination. They hope for change, but the necessary tactics elude them.

In a recent episode of ABC’s Shark Tank, Daniel Lubetzky, the founder of KIND Snacks, laid out a brilliant vision for the tactics of an entrepreneur. In summary, he identified the three stages that an entrepreneur must navigate:

  • Creator | They brainstorm and determine how to solve problems to create their product or service.

  • Critic | They become the biggest critic to their plan, the devil’s advocate to their own creation.

  • Crusader | They must become the most devout, passionate crusader of their cause to create momentum.

Given my role as a coach, I was intrigued by the correlation between those three stages and the Personal and Professional Development journey that so many seek. According to Merriam-Webster, an entrepreneur is:

“A person who organizes and manages any enterprise…. usually with considerable initiative and risk”

If that is truly the definition, are we not all entrepreneurs when it comes to the path we choose in our own lives and personal development? If we don’t consider ourselves in that vein, perhaps we might be more successful if we did. In my opinion, those three stages of entrepreneurship fit perfectly in our development.

  • Creator | You must create a vision for your development that is aligned with those things that you value most. These goals become your guiding light.

  • Critic | Assess yourself and your goals. Identify the delta between the two while acknowledging and embracing those differences. It is by recognizing our Limitations that we can develop plans to overcome them.

  • Crusader | You are ready to launch and must be uniquely and completely committed to pursuing the change you desire. In this phase, your actions are aligned with your intentions and you must consolidate the resources that will help you accomplish your goals, including your mentors, education, & experience.

Revolution. Transformation. Disruption. No matter what you call it, change is a necessary (albeit sometimes painful) part of personal and professional development. If you are feeling nervous about the idea of change, perhaps you will find this old Apple ad about the crazy ones to be inspiring. The amazing people in the ad were all equal parts Creator, Critic, and Crusader. You can be too.

Don't you know it's gonna be alright,

Jason Boaz, PGA, ARWC

PGA Career Consultant

Illinois and Wisconsin Sections of the PGA of America

PGA Certified Golf Professional

Advanced Resume Writing Certification


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