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Success, Striving, & Shots

“I’m past patiently waiting

I’m passionately mashing every expectation Every action’s an act of creation…

And I am not throwing away my shot.”

“My Shot” - Hamilton

With her recent election as the President of the PGA of America, Suzy Whaley is once again “mashing every expectation”. I say, “once again”, because Suzy has made habit out of defying expectations.

By winning the 2002 Connecticut PGA Championship, she became the first woman to win a Section Championship. In doing so, she became the first woman to qualify for a PGA Tour event in 58 years.

In 2014, she was elected Secretary of the PGA of America, making her the first woman to serve as an officer.

And now, she serves as the first female President of the 29,000-member PGA of America.

How did Suzy achieve all these milestones? I don’t know, but I imagine it was through a mixture of big dreams, good decisions, and hard work. I also imagine that they all started with a goal in mind.

Goals create the road map for our lives. Goals give you permission to stop being a spectator in your life and instead become an active participant in the decision making. This stage of your Personal & Professional Development is critical in defining exactly what will demand your attention from this point forward.

"What stands between us and achieving our most ambitious dreams has far less to do with possessing some magical skill or talent, and far more to do with how we approach problems and make decisions to solve them"

Stephen Dunier

And now it you’re your turn. Ask yourself what is important in your life and dream BIG. If you want to share your goals with me, I’d be honored to be your partner in the process.

Don’t throw away your shot.

Additional Resources

In addition, please enjoy these podcasts and video regarding reaching your ultimate career goals. Podcasts are great because you can listen to them in the car, and I encourage you to begin using your commute as time to prepare the be the best version of yourself you can be.

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I’m excited to see you take your shot,


Jason Boaz, PGA

PGA Career Consultant

Illinois and Wisconsin Sections of the PGA of America


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