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Playoffs, Perseverance, & Pinnacles

The Major League Baseball playoffs always remind me of this picture of Bill Mazeroski’s famous “Shot Heard ‘Round the World” in game 7 of the 1960 World Series. At the end of this October one team will reach the pinnacle of the sport and realize their ultimate dream of winning a World Series.

How do you define the “Pinnacle of success” or your “Ultimate Goal”? Is it a moving target that changes as your values change? Are you in control of whether or not you will reach your ultimate goal? (and if not, who is?) These are all complicated questions with answers that likely involve more than success in your career.

We can look at the teams in the playoffs for some guidance on how to reach the pinnacle of success. We can agree that every team:

1. Has an agreed upon goal (win the World Series!)

2. Has a plan to achieve that goal

3. Works every day in pursuit of the goal (practice, trades, free agent signings)

4. Make adjustments when the data tells them they are wrong (Moneyball)

Have you set your ultimate goal? Do you have a plan to achieve that goal?

Those players playing October baseball never reach their pinnacle on their own. Coaches, managers, scouts, doctors, and many others are all part of the winning formula.

Who is on your team? Do you have mentors, peers, or other trusted advisors to assist you? Is there room on that bench for your Career Consultant? If so, then simply CLICK HERE to request a Career Planning Session with me and let’s start the journey together towards your pinnacle.

"The habit of doing more than is necessary can only be earned through practice.

And the habit is priceless".

- Seth Godin

I need to warn you that the process will require your commitment both in time and energy. I urge you to make an honest commitment to yourself to take the necessary steps towards your pinnacle. Write your commitment down somewhere so you see it every day and find someone to hold you to accountable (that can be me!).

I promise the end result will be worth the effort.

Let’s get started to help you reach your pinnacle,


Jason Boaz, PGA

PGA Career Consultant

Illinois and Wisconsin Sections of the PGA of America


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