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Career Path Description

Teaching & Coaching focuses on those who teach and coach the game and manage the business side of golf instruction. Your ability to improve the performance and satisfaction of your golfers has a direct impact on stronger business performance. The development of golfers is more critically dependent on you than ever before. You will be exposed to many critical aspects including customer segmentation and consumer behavior; the design features of successful player development programs; and techniques for implementation and sustainability that will strengthen and build a better overall golf business that strengthens the golfing core, engages the lapsed golfer and creates interest in non-traditional groups through the overall golfing experience.


Career Path Description

Golf Operations includes an overview of responsibilities for golf management and activities such as player development, tournament management, tee reservation services, merchandising, professional shop services, golf car fleet management, rules interpretations and overview of golf course maintenance. Merchandising for green-grass golf shops and off-course retail shops includes purchasing, inventory control, marketing and promotions, and displays and modeling.


Career Path Description

Executive Management provides leadership, hospitality and organizational structure while managing the entire enterprise. This includes all departmental and business operations such as Club Operations, Food & Beverage, Golf Operations, Golf Course Maintenance, Membership, Fitness, Aquatics and Tennis.  It also incorporates the administration financing of the golf business.

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