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This course offers you the opportunity to work through your development at your own pace. At the same time, it allows the career consultants to guide you through the content and provide insight and support along the way. At each stage, you'll find opportunities to submit the information that will help you and your consultant prepare you for a lifelong journey. Through self-reflection, goal setting, honest assessments, and planning, we hope you'll find that developing the best version of yourself personally and professionally will prepare you to pursue your goals.

The professional development journey is a multi-faceted endeavor which will require your input and work to identify your strengths, goals, areas, and areas for growth. All of these assessments will ultimately help define the plan that helps you become the best personal and professional version of yourself. Along this journey, we'll discuss the constant need and opportunity to market yourself and communicate your value; we'll show how you can lead from any position, and we'll always keep our eyes and ears open for new opportunities that will bring value to your journey.

At the conclusion of this module, you'll be able to create a personal development plan much like the one PGA Professional Keith Soriano shares in the class.

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